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Future Brief is no longer an active site, updated daily, but we are once again adding new commentaries at our Commentary section. We hope you will find them interesting.


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Our Services

Although sponsored by a global consulting firm, Future Brief is intended to be a non-commercial "service" website as described at our About Us page. Briefly, the following explains what services we offer to three broadly-defined audiences.

Policy Professionals - Our offices are located on the edge of Washington, DC. That city's population includes several thousand professionals who are concerned with public policy on a daily basis. They work for the administration, Congress and its many committees, "think tanks", and a variety of similar institutions. It is critical that they remain up-to-date on current events, but if you think you're swamped with information, they are truly faced with a daily tidal wave of e-mail, press releases, government "action memos", telephone calls, and more. Future Brief was created after speaking with some Congressional and think tank staffers. We try to provide them with one place where they can quickly get an idea of what's new in areas that concern them. Subscribing to our very simple newsletter, Daily Brief allows them to access some of the most current information at our site without actually having to visit every workday. It reduces the traffic to our website, but that is not our goal. Our goal is to give them what they want as quickly as possible and in a straight-forward, no-nonsense format.

Journalists and Researchers - This audience faces the same challenges as the first, but their needs are slightly different. They appreciate the current information we provide, but they also value the past information no longer featured at our home page or our Commentary section. For that reason, we archive our information indefinitely. Nothing can be more frustrating to a journalist or researcher than to remember an item of interest, only to return to the site and find it has disappeared.

The Public - We are not elitist and find that attitude displayed by some websites very irritating. We are well aware that there are any number of people who don't immediately fit into one of the two categories above, but who are every bit as interested in the information and services we provide. They are treated with equal respect at Future Brief and we look for ways we can make the site as useful to them as possible.

When all is said and done, Future Brief is meant to be useful and interesting to you. Your comments are always welcome.

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