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If You Could Poll the American People, What Would You Ask?

Future Brief was established to provide the public with a simple means of remaining in touch with the rapidly developing global social, political, and economic environment. However, this environment is not simply the creation of researchers and technicians. It is obviously deeply influenced by public opinion. Understanding public opinion today can help us gauge its influence on the environment of tomorrow.

If you want to test public opinion, the simplest way is to implement an opinion poll. The tough part is doing a good job of polling so that the results can be considered a reasonably accurate glimpse of opinion at a point in time. Future Brief has chosen Zogby International, a very well-known and respected opinion research firm, to implement polls on topics related to our concerns. For the moment, those must be limited to the United States, but we hope to include other nations in times to come. Despite the current limitation, we want to assure our many international readers from more than 80 nations that their input is very welcome.

Now we turn to our subscribers (and RSS readers) and invite you to offer suggestions. If you could poll the American people, what would you ask? Here's your chance to design a professional poll question and see the results.

What We Want

Send us a question or questions (please, no more than three at a a time) that you would like to ask the American people to get their feelings on a topic that you believe has or will have major global significance in the years to come. If we select one or more of your suggestions, we'll contract with Zogby International to conduct a poll as it would for an election or a commercial client. You can expect approximately 2000 respondents and a margin of error of roughly plus or minus 2.6 percent, the same as polls you read every day in the media and better than many. The results will be fully reported at Future Brief. We will be delighted to give you credit for suggesting the question here at the site.

We're not interested in questions that dwell on the past. We will not accept questions worded to have a highly partisan ideological or theological bias. We may also choose to reword questions, for clarity as an example, but, in all cases, we retain full editorial rights in terms of selection of questions and implementation of the polls. Any questions submitted and the resulting polls are our intellectual property to use or not use as we see fit.

How to Do It

This offer is limited to email or RSS subscribers of our publications. If you are not already a subscriber to our newsletter, it's easy, it's free, and it's brief. It takes only a moment to join. When you are an email subscriber either to our Daily Brief or our Weekly Brief, simply respond to one of our newsletters and include your questions, preferably at the beginning of your message so we can see them quickly. It's easy for you and it's clear that you are a subscriber. If you are an RSS subscriber, then simply copy and paste any day's Daily Brief from your reader into an email message following your questions and you will have established your subscriber status as well.

Now it's up to you! Send us your questions.

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