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Future Brief's Research Alerts section offers readers a chance to see press releases that might be overlooked by larger news sources. Selected from more than 400 major research institutions, these stories have generally not yet been published in major news publications.

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Does It Pay for a Business to Do Good?

University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business: 23 February 2006
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professor David Vogel debunks the link between good corporate behavior and profits.

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Scientists Reveal Ancient Origin of Vertebrate Skeleton

University of Florida Health Science Center: 23 February 2005
The unlovable lamprey, a slender fish with a mouth full of horny, tooth-like structures that flares open at the end of its body, has long been thought to have taken a different evolutionary road than almost all other backboned animals. Scientists have found these animals may not be so different after all.

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Space Cycle Tests Artificial Gravity as Solution to Muscle Loss

National Space Biomedical Research Institute: 14 September 2005
A bike-like centrifuge that creates artificial gravity may help astronauts combat muscle atrophy in space. Researchers are researching whether resistance-training exercise under artificial gravity conditions greater than or equal to Earth gravity (1g) produce the same kind of muscle responses that occur when a person performs weight training on Earth.

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