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Our Commentary section offers original essays that specialists have prepared specifically for Future Brief. Coming soon: an article on future trends in economic growth.

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Jeff Harrow

Jeff Harrow

We are pleased to present original commentary prepared specifically for Future Brief by Jeff Harrow, an expert on technological innovation and all aspects of information technology. Jeff, now Principal at The Harrow Group, was the chief technologist for the Corporate Strategy Groups of both Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation. As the author and editor of the Web-based multimedia technology journal and Webcast originally known as the "Rapidly Changing Face of Computing", Jeff has shared his fascination with the trends of contemporary computing and the technologies that drive them with tens of thousands of people globally for nearly twenty years. His new journal, The Harrow Technology Report, available on the Web at, continues and significantly expands on this tradition.

Jeff is the co-author of a book, "The Disappearance of Telecommunications," and his commentaries on technology have been carried in numerous electronic and traditional media around the globe including Discover Magazine, United Press International, NanoTech-Now, and many others. He has also been interviewed on technology futures for TV programs, such as the History Channel's "Modern Marvels," and is an ongoing judge for Disney's Discover Magazine "Innovation Awards."

Jeff has numerous patents issued and on file in the areas of network management and user interface technology, and he is a commercial pilot. He brings these and other technological interests together to help people "look beyond the comfortable and obvious," so that they don't become road-kill on the Information Highway.

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